How much does it cost for me to be a member of the St.Louis Ole Miss Club?
Membership to our club and most events is free. If there is a cost associated with an event, we will include that in the email and social media posting.

Do I have to be an alumni to attend St. Louis Ole Miss Club events?
No! We welcome all Rebel fans to all of our events.

How do I become a member of the Alumni Association?
Membership to the official Ole Miss Alumni Association comes with many perks! Click the link below to get more information:
Ole Miss Alumni Association Membership

How do I keep up with current events for the club?
We keep this website up to date with events as well as our facebook page and facebook group. We are currently working on emails as well, so be sure to submit on our contact page is that’s the best way to keep in touch with you!
Facebook Page
Facebook Group

Is there a St. Louis Ole Miss Club tailgating tent?
Not at the moment. There are plenty of people who do host them, so we will be happy to pair you up with someone!